India’s First ‘Menstrual Drink’ by &Me

A brand known as &Me has launched its first ‘Menstrual Drink’ in India. The brand calls itself as India’s first menstrual beverage brand. While currently there is no shortage of women oriented care products available in our country. Now &Me has something that is called menstrual drink that claims to help your body and give you ease from the menstrual cramps as well.

India’s First ‘Menstrual Drink’

India’s First ‘Menstrual Drink’

&Me says if you want to feel good and purify yourself from the inside out, then this drink is what you need.

The pack of beverage – priced at Rs 320 – comprises of four bottles.

The brand also mentioned that however, while we don’t know if these packaged beverages available for curbing menstrual cramps can help or not, it is always advisable to opt for healthier, homemade food during your periods that aren’t harsh on your tummy. Moreover, dieticians always advise opting for immunity boosting natural foods during periods.  This menstrual drink that calls itself &Me Drinks Starter Pack, Women’s Health Drink – India’s 1st Menstrual Drink + India’s 1st Beauty Drink claims to help during periods by providing you with energy.

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