Indian canned fruit juice company, all set to rule the fruit juice market by 2022

Indian canned juice company Fresca Juices has been producing great numbers so far and on the path to rule the Indian fruit juice market by 2022 due to its high growth and impressive numbers last year.

The unrivaled range of Fresca Juices

The unrivaled range of Fresca Juices

This financial year ending March 2019, the company recorded a whopping growth of 57% in a market where the growth rate is only 5%

Fresca juices founder, Akhil Gupta said, “we are looking to build on our presence in North India, and increase our presence in high growth across East, West, Central and South India to substantially strengthen our pan India footprint by 2022.”

“We have the capacity to fulfil the surge in demand, as we have a daily production output of 300,000 litres and 600,000 bottles when operating on full installed capacity,” he added.

Why the company stands out in the whole market is because of its, ‘unrivaled range of 11 different flavours.’

Before this the packaged juice market was highly monopolized with brands primarily focussing on a single flavour – mango and the very core of why Fresca was established is the focus on creating different flavours which also makes it do so well, Gupta said.

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