Ice-Cream brands add Cranberry Flavours To Keep With The Times

Now that Indians are more aware of exotic fruits and flavours, Cranberries are also quickly gaining a lot of popularity, and these flavours are not just a part of the west now as three leading ice cream brands from Delhi – Giani’s, Emoi and Kulfiano – have added the exotic berries to their flavour card and upped their game to keep with the times.

These were launched at the recent US Cranberry Ice Cream Carnival, and thanks to their popularity, have converted the most popular items to permanent menu offerings.

During the event, thousands of NCR (National Capital Region) residents enjoyed cranberry-flavoured desserts, such as Cranberry Sorbet, Vanilla and Cranberry Snowmen, Cranberry Cheesecake and Malai Cranberry Kulfi.

“All around, we received positive responses to the Ice Cream Carnival,” said Kulfiano’s founder, adding, “Customers of all ages loved the cranberry kulfi, but the Cranberry Malai stick kulfi was the most popular. We sold over 500 kulfi sticks, which is a record for any new product. And now, our customers can enjoy cranberry kulfis year-round.”

US Cranberries organised the Ice Cream Carnival in Delhi NCR across popular city hangouts including Cyber Hub, Mall of India-Noida, Select City Walk, and the Pacific Mall. The 45-day event saw a footfall of about eight lakh people from Delhi and its neighbouring cities.

Many of the Delhi residents that came out to the Ice Cream Carnival said that they had never tasted cranberries before but loved their taste, especially in ice cream.

Over half of the carnival participants said that they will begin to consume cranberries regularly for their great taste and substantial health benefits.

A mother, while tasting cranberry ice cream for the first time, said, “My son had a lot of fun at the Ice Cream Carnival, and we both really enjoyed the flavour of the cranberry ice cream.”

“I discovered that cranberries are high in nutrients but because they are sweet and tasty, I think they will appeal to a lot of children. This is my family’s favourite ice cream flavour now,” she added.

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