Huhtamaki invests 7m euros in its Russian fibre packaging unit

Huhtamaki is investing €7 million in its fibre packaging operations in Russia, in order to facilitate further growth in the market.

Huhtamaki claims that the investment will expand and modernise its packaging plant in Ivanteevka, near Moscow, which produces egg packaging for the Russian and Nordic markets, as well as neighbouring countries such as Belarus and Kazakhstan.

The new equipment at the facility will include a new ‘state-of-the’ art moulded fibre packaging manufacturing line, and an existing



production line will also be upgraded and modernised.

The new line is expected to become operational during the fourth quarter of 2019, and the additional production capacity will accelerate Huhtamaki’s efforts to transition from plastic egg packaging to more sustainable fibre packaging in Eastern Russia.

Gala Mansurova, Huhtamaki’s general manager, Fibre Packaging Russia said: “We are proud to continue developing Huhtamaki Fiber Packaging together with our partners in Russia and the Nordics.

“Product range, quality and innovation are our highest priorities in serving our customers and meeting their growth expectations.”

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