High Speed Door

Gandhi Automation’s high-speed door product range is best described as “the all in one”-solution.

Extremely suitable in situations where temperature control is necessary, but the frequent coming and going of vehicles requires a door that opens and closes quickly.

  • High speed; up to 2.0 m/second
  • Superior seal; quiet and up to class 4 wind resistant
  • Self-repairingafter a crash; over full clear size height
  • Minimum maintenance and safe; frequency operated drive (soft-start / soft-stop)
  • No damage to people and productsdue to flexible soft edge and curtain

A safe solution

The standard safety features, the flexible door leaf without horizontal reinforcement profiles and soft edge bottom profile, result in a safe solution when accidentally driving or walking against the door leaf.

Standard soft edge

No damage to people and products due to flexible soft edge and curtain.

Durable and self-repairing

As a standard, the High-Speed Door, is self-repairing after a crash over the full clear size height.

A curtain for every situation

Gandhi Automation’s high-speed door has a 1.3 mm thick door curtain as a standard. The curtain is fitted with a vision panel at eye level. Other curtains in the product range are the 3.5mm or 7.0 mm thick curtain for temperature-controlled rooms and a 30.0mm thick curtain for (deep) freeze environments

Superior seal and highly wind resistant

Our High-Speed Doors are provided with a special construction which guarantees superior sealing around the entire opening. Because of this sealing, the doors are highly wind resistant (up to class 4) and can therefore also be used as exterior doors.

Beautiful design and hygienic 

The side guides of our high-speed doors are made of high-quality steel. Our Freezer doors are made of galvanized steel, whilst the side guides are made of high-quality stainless steel. All high-speed doors come with covers for the drum and engine in the same material. All drives are IP65 certified to prevent damage caused by water and moisture.


  • Manufacturing
  • Processing
  • Packaging
  • Loading Docks
  • Cool Rooms/Freezers
  • Production Areas


High-speed doors come in a variety of configurations and are powered for high-cycle performance. They are designed to handle frequent and almost unlimited opening and closing each day. Most essentially, high-speed doors help to partition areas quickly. This improves the productivity, efficiency, and safety of your business while saving you time and money. Here are the industries that benefit most from high-speed commercial doors.

Gandhi Automation’s high-speed doors are designed with total safety in mind. Eliminating dangerous bottom edges or rigid bars mean no dangerous parts in movement and total safety for your workers, it’s that simple. The flexible, lightweight door curtain gently molds itself and adds to your safety.

Gandhi Automation’s has specific products and numerous field experiences to meet specific needs such as freezer, cleanroom, large highly exposed outside openings, and the needs of industries such as food, pharmaceutical, health, car, high technology, agricultural, waste, steel, retail and department stores.

Gandhi Automation’s is the safest choice: safe for your users, a safe investment and a safe choice to achieve your objectives.

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