Herbalife Nutrition to release a high-protein iced coffee mix

Herbalife Nutrition will release a new high-protein iced coffee drink mix, which it claims is a low-sugar alternative to high-sugar coffeehouse iced coffees.

Herbalife Mocha High Protein Iced Coffee contains 15g of protein, 2g of sugar, 100 calories and 80 mg of caffeine per 25g serving, and is made without artificial flavours or colourings.

Packets of the iced coffee contains 14 servings per 12-oz bag, and to make the drink, consumers need only add two scoops of the drink mix to water, shake and then pour over ice.

Herbalife claims that it created the high-protein, low -sugar mix to cater to the growing demand for iced coffee from younger consumers, as Mintel figures show that over 50% of millennials said they



drank iced coffee in the last three months, up from 46% the previous year.

Ibi Montesino, senior vice-president and managing director, North America region at Herbalife Nutrition said: “Everyone loves the refreshing taste of iced coffee, but not the calories and sugar that come with many coffeehouse options, and we are excited to create a stir in the coffee industry with a new way to enjoy iced coffee.

“Our new iced coffee drink mix gives consumers a protein and energy-packed way to start their day or to enjoy an afternoon pick-me-up or evening treat, and with only two grams of sugar per serving, is an alternative to many popular coffeehouse products.”

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