Gurugram based Startup Introduces Dips and Sauces

On the lines of the supplier of sauces and dressings Heinz, American Garden, and Tostitos stay into the spotlight of Leaders being mutually connected to the status of US-Based Brands. On the contrary, sauce manufacturers are yet a niche player in the Indian market, why? With a vision to bridge the gap between local players and international brands, Fric Bergen is excited to launch a whole raft of products that capture the perfect blend of flavour and taste. The competitive prices and the easy cart able sachets of the product eliminating the stock-up of huge bottles of sauce, dip or dressing are the two primary gains of the Brand to stand emphasized in the market.

Premium Quality Mayo Sachets at just Coin of 10

Premium Quality Mayo Sachets at just Coin of 10

Manufacturing & Marketing of categorized product into sauces, dips, jams, and mayonnaise is processing under the control of Vivek Singh, Vandana Singh, and Rohit Agarwal, the founders. The company takes pride in the production of premium quality sauces and dressings matching the quality of taste that a consumer prefers along with its budget timeline. Campaign launch discussion, Vivek mentioned “Brand Fric Bergen is a reflection of needful of our Targeted Audience and a saving on the part of consumers through easy-on-pocket policy on the ‘premium’ tagged products in addition. All of our products are available in easy-to-use single serve sachets with no potential loopholes on stocking and obsolescing of residuals.”

In about an interlude of 18 months, Fric Bergen has sheltered the retail market through instituting over 10,000 outlets in North India with expansion to more than 60 cities around the country and potential diversification of product portfolio. At “coin of 10” consumers embrace variants of dressings, dips, mayonnaise, and sauces accredit to Fric Bergen. Products are edging Mexican dishes like nachos and tacos to Australian Barbeque meals piloting to vision accomplished. Brand’s forthcoming wedging possibly will root in honey-based products, sugar-free sauces, and juice concentrate amongst others.

Promotion of Brand is on-rage to meet the continual demand of a variety of flavours. “Ideation of producing Sauces and Dips locally had placed on the table being a primary product of mass production in the International market along with highly stocked products in households, Snacks points to housewarming parties per the statics” states Rohit.

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