Gurgaon-based Startup Introduces Dips and Sauces

Portion Control Sachets: Easy-to-use and affordable

When it comes to naming leading supplier of sauces and dressings, most of us have only heard of brands like Heinz, American Garden, and Tostitos. The common thread between these brands is that they are all US-based companies. This brings us to the question- why are sauce manufacturers a niche player in the Indian market? With a vision to bridge the gap between local players and international brands, Fric Bergen is excited to launch a whole raft of products that capture the perfect blend of flavor and taste. Not only are these products moderately priced but also are available in convenient and easy-to-use sachets making them easy to carry and serve. No more stocking up on huge bottles of sauce, dip or dressing when you can purchase a sachet that you can grab and open one up only when you need to.

Founded by Vivek Singh, Vandana Singh, and Rohit Agarwal, Fric Bergen is currently engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of processed food categories that include sauces, dips, jams, and mayonnaise. The company, which prides itself on producing premium quality sauces and dressings that are not only a delight to your taste buds but are also easy on the pocket. Commenting on the campaign launch, Vivek said “After obtaining a clear understanding of the needs of our target audience, weFric-Bergen decided to come up with the brand Fric Bergen which translates to saving money. We wish to establish ourselves as a company that offers premium quality sauces at an affordable price. All of our products are available in easy-to-use, single serve sachets that can be consumed on the go without the consumer having to worry about them spoiling.”

Just in 18 months of operation, Fric Bergen has managed to establish a good foothold in the retail market with more than 10,000 outlets in North India and now expanding all over the country with a focus on diversifying their product portfolio as well. The consumers have the option of trying out different variants of dressings, dips, mayonnaise, sauces in just INR 10. From Mexican dishes like nachos and tacos to Australian Barbeque meals, the brand continually aims at bridging the gap between different cuisines. The company plans on further expanding its presence in various segments – honey-based products, sugar-free sauces, and juice concentrate amongst others.

With continual demand for variety in terms of flavor, Fric Bergen is gearing up to promote their brand heavily. “We came up with the idea of producing sauces and dips locally when we realized that they are mass produced in the international market. These sauces, spreads, and dressings are the essentials that everyone is bound to stock up on for their next trip to the burger joint or their housewarming parties,” says Rohit. Fric Bergen offers a range of attractive and delicious products that make for the perfect go-to-dipping sauce or dressing.

Fric Bergen is currently planning to strengthen the company’s position in the distribution segment to achieve a more extensive reach in retail market and national presence in HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant, and Catering) segment. The company aims at targeting innovative distribution channels such as retail outlets including dairy, bread network & other outlets selling daily need products. As easy as it seems to launch a brand, most of us believe that listing the product on an online platform is enough to build sales and brand. But the founders of Fric Bergen believe that the easiest tasks are best saved for last and are focusing currently on building their retail presence strength that requires a lot more than e-commerce. “After having our products sold at B-class outlets, we asked ourselves, why stop here when we want to target consumers in rural areas and the smaller cities. What sets us apart is that we are always looking to target the mom-and-pop stores and we aim to expand our pan-India presence to more than 1 lakh outlets in the next 2 to 3 years,” say Vivek and Rohit. A fully self-funded company,

are currently available in more than 60 cities around the country, and these include 10,000+ retail outlets, all this within a span of 18 months to 20 months.

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