The Granny Squibb Company, debuts three RTD iced teas

The Granny Squibb Company from Rhode Island, debuts three canned organic Ready To Drink iced teas just in time for summer. The teas are carrying on with the local summer iced that the founder Sally Squibb began in the 30s. Her granddaughter, Robin Squibb, brought the “astonishingly delicious” iced tea to the market for the world to taste in 2009.

Granny Squibb launches RTD Iced Tea

Granny Squibb launches RTD Iced Tea

The three iced teas on offer are – Sally’s Lemon, which are available in sweetened and unsweetened versions. And Charlie’s cranberry which is available in the sweetened version.

“We know our consumers like to be on-the-go, whether on their boats, at the beach, hiking, golfing or attending their favorite festival. Having our organic iced tea in a ready-to-drink can will allow them to enjoy Granny Squibb’s wherever they want with ease,” said Jamie Schapiro, Chief Executive Officer at The Granny Squibb Company via press release. “Plus launching the cans during National Iced Tea Month is the perfect way to honor the history of iced tea and Granny Squibb’s story.”

Granny Squibb’s Organic Iced Tea is carried by retailers in New England, including Whole Foods Market, Roch’s, Wegmans, and Dave’s Marketplace.

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