GEA vertical bagger reduces breakage of fragile candies

A new high-speed vertical bagger from GEA for confectionery and bakery has gained its UK release, aiming to increase production efficiency and reduce product breakages.

GEA vertical bagger reduces breakage of fragile candies

GEA vertical bagger reduces breakage of fragile candies

GEA says this latest in vertical form-fill-seal packaging (VFFS) equipment builds on the success of its predecessors by incorporating a range of new integrated capabilities that further improve pack presentation, offer zero downtime and reduce product and film waste.

Capable of speeds up to 250 pillow bags per minute, SmartPacker’s new sealing jaws are almost twice as strong as the previous model and the low-drop design between weigher and the jaw-head provides even greater accuracy, minimising the chance of damage to brittle confectionery and snacks. Even if product accidentally fouls the seal area the detection function will create a double-bag to avoid contamination or harm to the sealing jaws or knife, ensuring that the process continues.

SmartPacker produces gas-tight bags across a greater range of film materials giving manufacturers flexibility and the machine is exceptionally reliable, delivering operational uptime of more than 98 percent. Easy to operate and process-reliable, the SmartPacker is designed to transform confectionery packaging, according to Lee Driscoll, GEA UK’s Product Manager – Vertical Packaging.

He said, “The SmartPacker is a significant evolution of VFFS technology and does what it says on the side – smart packaging that delivers greater productivity, reduced plastic film waste and exceptional pack quality combined with practically no downtime. It’s good for both the environment and for the bottom line with cost savings that will ultimately lead to quicker payback on the initial investment.”

The UK launch of SmartPacker comes hot on the heels of GEA’s PowerPak PLUS thermoformer, innovative equipment that provides shortened set-up and changeover times, while reducing film waste by up to 75 percent. PowerPak PLUS can also be operated in tandem with GEA’s Oxycheck, the non-invasive in-line quality control system for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP).

GEA is one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-tech equipment that is easy to operate and process-reliable, delivering savings while meeting the diverse and demanding requirements of the food and drinks packaging industry. The company also offers service and maintenance packages that can help keep production lines running at maximum efficiency.

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