Following Zomato, TN Coffee shop says ‘food has no religion’

A coffee shop in Tamil Nadu in the town of Pudukottai, recently took a stand against religious bigotry following Zomato’s slogan ‘Food has no religion’. The owner of said coffee shop put up a board outside his cafe stating that food has no religion and his establishment was closed to bigots.

M Arunmozhi, 47, is the owner of Ayngaran restaurant and coffee shop in Pudukottai, and said that he was deeply touched by the strong stand food delivery app Zomato took when a customer asked it to change the Muslim deliveryman.

As a gesture of solidarity he put up a signboard in front of his restaurant saying “food has no religion and Ayngaran is shut for bigots”. Arunmozhi says many of his customers were all praise for his gesture.

Arunmozhi said he was also very disturbed by clashes among people of different religious group in Pudukottai in the last week. Thus he had decided to openly condemn the spread of hate by those who differentiated among people on the basis of religion.

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