Fazer Group to introduce limited-edition ruby chocolate bar

Fazer Group has released a limited-edition ruby chocolate bar in Finland, which will be available directly from the company.

15,500 Fazer Pure Ruby chocolate bars have been made at the company’s chocolate factory in Vantaa, Finland, and they will be available from November onwards at the Fazer Experience visitor centre, Fazer cafés and from the company’s online store.

Ruby chocolate is derived from ruby cocoa beans and has a slightly fruity taste, and was created by Swiss chocolatier Barry Callebaut following a decade of development.

Tiina Karppinen, vice-president of product development at Fazer Confectionery said: “The special characteristics of ruby chocolate derive



from the unique ruby cocoa beans.

“The chocolate made from them is naturally pink and its taste is reminiscent of berries, but it has not been dyed and does not contain artificial flavours.

“Ruby chocolate is made from responsibly produced cocoa beans grown in the Ivory Coast, Brazil and Ecuador.”

Earlier this year, Nestlé became the first company to sell a product made from ruby chocolate, as it introduced a ruby version of its KitKat bars in Japan and South Korea.

Since then, the company has also introduced a Ruby KitKat to the UK and ruby chocolate versions of its Baci Perugina chocolates in Italy and the UK.

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