Factors to Consider When Selecting Doors for Your Food Processing Plant

Selecting the proper doors for your cold storage facility is an important part of the decision process for
your building envelope. Your food plant design firm will want to look at all aspects of your plant’s
operations to determine the most appropriate door types and materials. Installing the proper door will
have a positive impact on the facility’s energy costs and productivity, while selecting the wrong type of
door can result in down time, costly damage, and unsafe conditions.
There are a number of factors to consider when selecting doors for your facility:
Door Opening Characteristics:
1. Operating temperature/humidity — Consider the normal and extreme operating parameters of
your plant to ensure doors are equipped to withstand the conditions.
2. Opening frequency — Anticipate the number of times per day and per hour an opening will be used.
This could influence the desired speed of the door operation and its suitability for high-cycle
3. Type of use — Will forklifts, motorized pallet jacks, push carts, or personnel pass through the door?
This affects the opening size and may impact the opening and closing speed. Clearance for safe
equipment passage must also be considered. The size of the opening, especially height, can have an
impact on air movement and energy efficiency.
4. Clearances — Room layout and structure may prohibit some door types that need side or head
clearance. Doors with housing frames and those that swing or slide open need additional clearance
5. Pressure differential — Significant pressure differences can eliminate some door types or affect the
way they are constructed. Higher pressure differential can cause rapid air changes and result in
possible condensation and/or ice formation.
6. Door construction — Your plant’s wash-down procedures and cleaning solutions will also impact
door selection. Sturdy, damage-resistant doors are the best choice for plants that require more
physical, high-pressure wash downs. Corrosion-resistant doors can provide protection for harsh,
caustic cleaning materials.
7. Budget — Consider the upfront cost of the door as well as the operating costs, including energy use,
repair and maintenance.

High speed door for food industry
The Prime Food high speed door is a high speed roll-up door that opens and closes using a vertical roll-
up system, perfect for places where short opening and closing times are required.
The Prime Food high speed door is fast and easy to use, this makes it the perfect solution for any food
production area, where high hygienic standards are required.
Flexible high-speed freezer doors help to meet important cold storage requirements: stable cold
temperatures, minimal energy consumption, respect for the cold chain and the prevention of icing.

The exceptional seal and fast cycle of our high-speed freezer doors keep cold and dry air in and hot and
moist air out of your freezer room. The loss of conditioned air is limited and less energy is used.
Strong and long-lasting, the food industry doors can be used in different areas:
o Food Processing companies
o Food and Snacking manufacturers
o Bakery manufacturers
o Cold chambers or storages
o Supermarkets
o Butchers
o Shopping malls
o Commercial kitchens
o Pharmaceutical industry
o Food preparation areas

Fast roll up doors for food industry are designed to meet the stringent demands of hygiene in the food
industry, Prime Food fast roll up doors are resistant to humidity, temperature, corrosion and detergents.
It is very easy to clean and disinfect and where tight sealing while partial or full wash down is required.
The smooth surface with shiny finish prevents dust build up and is resistant to pressure washing. The
self-repairing system automatically resets the door after an accidental impact. The robust construction
of Prime Food provides high cycle operation even in wet applications. FDA approved Polystone® M-
Natural guides available as standard for environments that demands rigorous cleaning routines. Fast roll
up prime food doors are very useful in FMCG sector.
Prime Freeze High Speed Doors are a perfect solution where cold storage with negative temperatures to
as low as – 22°F is required. The curtain is made of reinforced PVC vinyl with heated side guides.
Optionally a special and innovative insulated flexible curtain is also available. High Speed Freezer Doors
are the solution when temperature control is critical and where forklift traffic is high.
The high speed of opening and closing reduces heat losses ensuring energy savings. These doors also
reduce acoustic and dust dispersion from nearby work areas.
The roll-up door allows you to reduce production times and improve the overall productivity.
All doors have a built-in safety edge: upon contact with an obstacle the door stops and reverses
automatically to avoid the risk of injury or damage.
All our doors are CE marked and comply with the appropriate safety regulations.

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