Enjoy winter with Keventers deliciously sinful Sundaes

India’s leading brand, Keventers is expanding its product portfolio by launching a new range of Sundaes. With this addition, the company is aiming to diversify its business into complimentary verticals that are in line with its identity.

Keventers deliciously sinful Sundaes

Keventers deliciously sinful Sundaes

This new range of delicious Sundaes is available in all outlets all over India. The products will be available in four distinct combinations:

Yin and Yang: it is a combination of chocolate cake and a scoop of vanilla ice cream which is topped with some chocolate sauce and chips.

Guilty Pleasure: it is a combination of chocolate crumble and chocolate ice cream with mocha syrup a dollop of chocolate sauce.

Forbidden Forest: it is a combination of visible chocolate cake and vanilla ice-cream with chocolate sauce, a swirl of whipped cream topped with fresh cherries.

The Dark Conspiracy: it is a combination of chocolate cookies and chocolate wafers served in cahoots with chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

This new range of Sundaes is priced between Rupees 199-249 and will be served in reusable glass bowls.

Chief executive officer of Keventers said about the expansion that the brand is constantly working on to innovate and create new flavours and products for their customers. He also said that he is confident about this new range of Sundaes that this will be loved by the customers as much as Keventers shakes.

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