DuPont releases new milk fermentation ingredient

DuPont Nutrition & Health has introduced a new milk fermentation ingredient in South America, which is a combination of several different strains.

DuPont Danisco Lactobacillus Plus features a combination of L. paracasei, helveticus and acidophilus strains, and DuPont says that the ingredient helps to optimise the production process by speeding up fermentation while providing a good balance of flavour and acidity.

One of the main benefits of the ingredient is that it can help maintain a balanced taste during a product’s shelf life, while reducing the risk



of contamination.

The ingredient is also produced in a freeze-dried format, meaning it does not require refrigeration during transportation, reducing the cost of logistics and providing an environmentally-friendly solution.

Marcellus Carvalho, dairy technical specialist of DuPont Nutrition & Health said: “The taste of fermented milk with Lactobacillus Plus is excellent.

“It is a product with a superior performance to those currently found in the market, offering great practicality during manipulation with a fast fermentation and low post-acidification.”

Adriana Apuzzo, manager of the Dairy Cultures at DuPont Nutrition & Health added: “This launch is yet another sustainable innovation within our range of dairy cultures, associated with the constant technical service of our dairy experts who support our customers in the development of new products.”

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