Dunkin’ and Starbucks a step ahead with their app ordering

Coffee and donut outlets like Starbucks, Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ are at the forefront these days, of mobile payments and this technology could soon develop into a completely cashless experience.

The Starbucks App

The Starbucks App

They are in the process of training a large number of consumers to buy their to go food items with the least human interaction. Ofcourse the pre-order facilities are not quite like the smooth and spontaneous services of something like Amazon Go, but they’re slowly getting there.

Starbucks, a pioneer of mobile ordering and payment technology, has been making headlines with its Uber Eats deal and using China as a testing ground for launching a national delivery service in the U.S. Starbucks already has 16.8 million active members in its U.S. loyalty program and 41% of U.S. in-stores sales by dollar volume is generated through its mobile app as of its second quarter. Order ahead represents 15% of Starbucks total transactions in the quarter.

Dunkin’ Brands launched its rewards program DD Perks in 2014 and now counts 10 million members across the U.S. Trailing behind its competitors, Krispy Kreme is offering consumers a free donut to sign up for its rewards program and plans to plans to give away one million free donuts on Friday, which is National Donut Day.

All of these efforts are about not only selling coffee and donuts — they’re about collecting data.

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