DS Smith Plastics introduces returnable beverage pack

DS Smith Plastics has introduced a returnable beverage pack, Fillbee, designed to fit inside reusable crates.

The introduction of Fillbee has come about in a bid towards an eco-friendly, sustainable packaging model. The integrated pack reduces waste by combining returnable packs with returnable crates, something which DS Smith Plastics has said offers multiple innovative benefits for the beverage sector.

The packs are 100% reusable and recyclable, which can be designed to hold any shape of bottle to minimise global impact.



The packaging also encourages ease of recyclability for consumers, as it is easy to stack, store, take home, and return bottles to stores that consumers decide to purchase beverages from.

Consumer awareness of reusability of packaging is increasing at a higher rate than ever before, and innovations such as Fillbee can offer solutions for companies looking for ways to completely reduce their environmental impact. This will then improve transparency that beverage companies can offer to satisfy consumer concerns.

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