Danone opens largest vegan yogurt factory in the US

The global French food giant Danone inaugurates the largest yogurt factory in the US. The facility is located outside of Pittsburgh and is dedicated entirely to plant-based food as per the reports. This facility would be worth of multi-million dollar facility. This new plant will be involved in the production of vega vegan yogurt and protein powder, silk yogurt, and So Delicious Dairy Free coconut yogurt and cheese shreds.


Danone to open largest vegan yogurt factory in the US

Mariano Lozano, CEO of Danone North America said, “As flexitarian eating patterns continue to evolve and grow in popularity, plant-based food options present an opportunity to bring new choices throughout the grocery store.”

Lozano continued, “Dairy-free is different than non-dairy – dairy-free options must be produced in a facility that is solely dedicated to plant-based food production. As consumers continue to seek out more dairy-free options, having a facility that meets this standard gives us an opportunity to deliver on their growing demand and high expectations.”

According to the survey conducted by YouGov on behalf of dairy-free brand Kite Hill last January revealed that 44 percent of consumers are interested in trying vegan yogurt and cheese. The company also stated that, one-third of the country’s population is flexitarian.

Chad Stone, plant director at Danone North America’s DuBois facility called the facility a “priority”. He added, “Many people who enjoy our products look for plant-based options because they are interested in lessening their impact on the environment through diet.”

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