Danone India taking part in Protein Week for health drive

Throughout The Protein Week of 2019 (an yearly affair celebrated between July 24 and 30), Danone India, Arogya World India Trust and InBody aim to make aware a lakh of working Indians through work shops on nutrition and health by industry knowledge holders and free muscle-health assessment at various work places in India.

They are now on a new mission to raise awareness around muscle-health by positively raising awreness and practices around consumption of protein rich diets and an active lifestyle.

The objective of the Protein Week initiative is to create mass awareness around the role of protein for healthy muscles, as protein deficiency continues to remain a major challenge in India. As per a study by IMRB in 2017, over 70 per cent of Indians are protein deficient, and 93 per cent of Indians are unaware of their ideal protein requirement.

A study by InBody & IPSOS in 2018 stated that over 70 per cent of working Indians had poor muscle health. Hence, there was an urgent need to raise awareness around the role of protein for healthy muscles among the working population.

Healthy muscles also play an important role in the prevention of diseases and as per a 2008 report by ASSOCHAM (the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry), the formal sector of India can save up to $20 billion every year through a one per cent reduction in absenteeism due to ill health.

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