Cow milk price hiked by Rs 2/litre: Mother Dairy

Lead supplier of milk – Mother Dairy has increased its rate of cow milk by Rs 2 to Rs 44 a litre in Delhi-NCR. Effective from Friday. The company said that they have increased the retail price as the company is paying more to farmers for procuring raw milk.

However, there will be no increase in rates of other variants of milk.

Raw cow milk prices have firmed up to the tune of Rs 2.50 to Rs 3 per litre in the last two-three months, Mother Dairy spokesperson told PTI.

“Hence, we are compelled to increase the consumer prices of Cow Milk variant.

“The prices as effective from September 6, 2019 are Rs 23 for 500 ml pack and Rs 44 for 1 litre pack. There has been no change in prices of other milk variants,” the official said.

With Mother Dairy increasing the price of cow milk, other competitors like Amul and Parag Milk may also increase their price.

Mother Dairy supplies around 30 lakh tonne milk, of which 8 lakh litre constitutes cow milk, in the Delhi-NCR region.

In May this year, the company had hiked price of milk by Rs 2 per litre. In case of cow milk, there was no increase in one litre pack, but rate of half-litre pack was increased by Rs 1.

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