Coffee output estimates 16% lower than earlier one

The state-run coffee board released a statement and said that India is likely to produce 319,500 tonnes of coffee in 2018-19, comprising 95,000 tonnes of arabica and 2,24,500 tonnes of robusta. This is down nearly 16 percent from the previous estimate after heavy rainfall hit yields in the top two growing states.

Post rain coffee output estimate 16% lower than earlier one

Post rain coffee output estimate 16% lower than earlier one

India is famous as a tea producer, is also ranked as the world’s No. 6 coffee grower. India is mainly churning out the robusta beans used to make instant coffee as well as it also produces some of the more expensive arabica variety.

The heavy rainfall in Karnataka and Kerala – the top two producing states – hit plantations in July and August 2018. This year the country had been expected to harvest a record crop of 380,000 tonnes, the board also mentioned this in a statement.

The board also added that India is likely to produce 224,500 tonnes of robusta in the marketing year ending on Sept. 30, and now it is down 17 percent from the previous estimate. Whereas, Arabica output is expected to fall 13.6 percent from the previous forecast to 95,000 tonnes.

This could eventually decrease the country’s coffee exports by 8 percent to 230,000 tonnes in 2019 due to lower production, the head of an industry body said in October. India exports three-quarters of its production. Italy, Germany and Belgium are the main buyers of India’s crop.

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