Coca Cola planning to bring back Coca – Cola Blak as Coca Coca plus coffee

According to this news seems like coffee and coke together are again about to become a real thing. According to reports the new Coca Cola plus coffee option is rolling out around the world.

Coca Cola all set to launch coffee variant again

Coca Cola all set to launch coffee variant again

That’s right, Coke with a coffee twist. Reports say that the drink’s initial launches in places like Australia, Italy, and Thailand have been profitable and that it will be now be launched in 25 countries by the end of the year. According to CNN, the new drink will “tastes a bit like coffee candy, as sweet as regular Coca-Cola, with an added coffee kick.” Sounds awesome and, of course, a little bit of coffee never hurt anyone. It’s more caffeinated than a regular Coke which also gives a little boost of caffeine so it may help you push through those sleepy mornings at work.

This particular combination – coffee and Coke, isn’t new actually. In 2006, after the launch of a Coke energy drink, a Coke coffee drink was not far behind Coca Cola Blak. Sadly at that time it couldn’t a success. While the product performed well elsewhere in the world, in the US the recipe did not impress and the production only lasted a few years. But now, Coke and coffee are here again, reunited with Coca-Cola Plus Coffee.

Javier Meza, Coca-Cola’s global chief marketing officer of sparkling beverages, told CNN Business he “believes that there’s going to be a space for a Coca-Cola With Coffee” here at home, while another spokesperson told CNN they’re “optimistic about the potential for the beverage” here — so hopefully we’ll be seeing it sooner rather than later. More ways to ingest caffeine are always welcome, especially in the US of A.

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