Coca-Cola Singapore says sugary drink tax not very effective

Singapore Coca-Cola manufacturer has supported Singapore’s fight against obesity and diabetes. But the company has also acknowledged that it is a “shared responsibility” to cut down the consumer’s consumption of sugar. Imposing a ban on advertising on sugar-sweetened beverages and taxing them is not a good idea.

Coca-Cola Singapore says sugary drink tax not very effective

Coca-Cola Singapore says sugary drink tax not very effective

The Coca-Cola spokesperson said in a statement, “ Coca-Cola Singapore recognizes that diabetes and obesity are important issues for our consumers and we have a shared responsibility to help Singaporeans reduce calories and sugar.”

Coca-Cola took an industry pledge with other beverage industry giants and made a commitment to not have drinks with more than 12 percent sugar in its range of sugar-sweetened beverages by 2020. It has further committed to reducing the sugar content in its sugar-sweetened beverages by 10 percent by 2020.

A company spokesman also said that company is also taking other steps to reduce the amount of sugar consumption by people such as they are reducing the sugar amount in their products, offering products with low or no sugar, providing more nutritional information on the label, smaller packaging of the products, etc. The company has launched Coca-Cola Stevia in March, a lower-sugar cola that delivers the same classic taste but with 35 percent less sugar.

In order to cut the sugar intake to reduce the risk of diabetes and obesity, Ministry of Health (MOH), wants public opinion on these possible measures. Some consumers have welcomed the moves taken by the Ministry of Health to reduce the consumption of sugary drinks.




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