Coca Cola confident of $1-billion sales for Thums Up

Coca Cola India, one of the country’s leading beverage companies announced on Monday that the company is confident of getting to its aspiration of $1 billion for Thums Up and hopes India could break into its top five global markets by 2019.

Coca Cola confident of $1-billion sales for Thums Up

Coca Cola confident of $1-billion sales for Thums Up

Coca-Cola India, intends to make Thums Up—India’s most-loved cola— the first home-grown billion dollar beverage brand in the next 2 years. The company also announced the launch of Thums Up Charged, the first ever variant of Thums Up that is packed with even more thunder.

T Krishna kumar, president, Coca Cola India, said “Thums UP is hovering close to $1 billion. It has been one of the key pillars on which our business was built in India. Thums Up gave us a lot of rock solid presence in the marketplace, while we built other brands as well.”

The company has recently launched Aquarius Glucocharge, a glucose drink to combat exhaustion and dehydration, and Minute Maid Vitingo, an instant drink mix fortified with vitamins and micro-nutrients.

Krishna kumar also added that the company is planning to develop these brands in India and sell them outside the country. He also added that, “We strongly believe that we need to have a local home-grown portfolio along with our global brands because it always gives us more solidity in the marketplace and which is the strategy we continue even today.”

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