Chocolate Packages can be Sorted into Recyclable Paperboard

Finnish food company Fazer has announced that 100% of its confectionery and biscuit packages can be recycled, as part of its commitment to sustainability.

According to Fazer, its empty confectionery and chocolate packages can be sorted into recyclable paperboard, metal or plastic.

This year, Fazer has reduced the amount of plastic used in products such as its Tutti Frutti and Re-mix bags. Replacing the cellophane previously used in its confectionery wrappings with PET plastic has also resulted in better shelf life for the products.

As of 2020, the company claims that it will be updating its package markings with instructions to ensure that sorting materials is made easier for consumers.

Nathalie Ahlström, managing director of Fazer Confectionery, said: “Promoting actions that further the circular economy is genuinely important for us.

“In addition to the development of our own operations, we want to make waste sorting in households as easy as possible. When empty packages and wrappers are correctly sorted, the raw material used in them can be recycled.”

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