CCD Founder alledgedly goes missing on way to Mangalore

Before CCD Founder VG Siddhartha went missing in Mangaluru on Monday night, the businessman had asked his driver Basavaraj Patil to be seated inside the car while he got off and walked on the bridge. When the driver did not see Siddhartha return for long, he called him only to realise that Siddhartha’s phone was switched off.

According to the complaint filed by Patil, Siddhartha left Bengaluru at 12.30pm to Sakleshpur. “When we reached Sakleshpur, he told me to drive to Mangaluru. When we reached the circle (Pumpwell in Mangaluru), the owner (Siddhartha) told me to take a left turn as he wanted to visit his site. Just before the bridge, he told me to stop the car and wait towards the other end of the bridge,” the driver states in the complaint.

After the car left, Siddhartha walked towards the other end of the bridge and told the driver to be seated in the car and also told him that he would return in some time. “I saw Siddartha walking on the old bridge for some distance,” he said.

When Siddartha did not return at 8 pm, the driver called him only to find Siddaratha’s phone switched off. He called his number again but it was not switched off. “At 9 pm, I called Siddharath’s son Amartya Hegde and informed him about what happened. He tried calling his father later alerted our company’s Pradeep Shetty, who is Mangaluru,” the letter reads.

The complaint was registered at 12.30 am on Tuesday at Kankanady police station in Mangaluru. Siddharth wore a black t-shirt and jeans pants at the time of missing. The complaint copy does not say what time the car reached Mangaluru and how long did the driver wait in the car before he made the first call to Siddartha at 8 pm.

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