Calls to be answered with chatbots for Pizza Hut in a new tech development

What happens technology partners with Pizza? Extra Pizza for everyone. Inference technology a technological company which develops virtual agents for sales and service organizations, announced that it has partnered with Pizza Hut in Australia to deploy a call-steering solution to the pizza chain’s support line. Now, customers who dial in will have their call intelligently routed to either a contact center representative or a nearby Pizza Hut store location.

Technology for the love of Pizza

When customers call Pizza Hut Australia’s national number, they’re presented with the choice of requesting a pickup, placing a delivery order, or asking a question. Inference Solutions’ system then collects the caller’s address to connect them with the nearest restaurant or provide other details.

“The ability to easily add new areas of automation will enable Pizza Hut Australia to continue to improve customer experience while reducing their cost-to-service,” said Inference Solutions CEO Callan Schebella.

The collaboration comes as chatbot usage is enjoying an uptick worldwide, and with good reason — according to Juniper Research, conversational assistants will drive cost savings of over $8 Billion annually by 2022 (up from $20 million in 2017). In fact, chatbots are expected to power 85% of all customer service interactions by the year 2020. And 42% of consumers, 53% of millennials, and 72% of business executives already use them on the regular.

“With such a massive call volume, even the smallest inefficiencies are greatly magnified, negatively impacting our business, and that of our franchisees,” said Pizza Hut Australia director of technology Patrick Branley.

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