Café Coffee Day launches flagship ‘Coffee Day Square’ in Hyderabad

Café Coffee Day has launched its exclusive flagship concept, Coffee Day Square in Hyderabad. Its coffee menu includes Single Origin Coffees and coffees prepared using alternate brewing techniques. Each method accentuates a particular taste profile with a rich, deep combination of flavours. This includes Siphon, French Press and Pour Over. Fascinating coffee innovations also include beverages such as Espresso Express and Smoke-it-up Cold Brew.

Café Coffee Day launches flagship ‘Coffee Day Square’ in Hyderabad

Café Coffee Day launches flagship ‘Coffee Day Square’ in Hyderabad

The Square complements the city’s rich Nawabi legacy by offering a royal and redefined coffee brewing and culinary experience with international styled presentations, global cooking practices and alternate brewing techniques.

Located in the prime neighbourhood of Jubilee Hills on Road number 10, it also has ‘The Huddle Room’, which is an 8-seater full-fledged meeting room. Spread across 2,750 sq ft, the new Coffee Day Square can host 76 guests at a time.

Speaking about the first Square in Hyderabad, Venu Madhav, chief executive officer, Café Coffee Day, said, “The Coffee Day Square which is an exclusive flagship concept from Café Coffee Day is a reflection of the newest and best in coffees and culinary experience.”

He also added, “Residents and foodies of Hyderabad can take delight in the innovative and refreshing beverages and appetising food items that it has to offer. The menu includes an eclectic mix of options, ranging from authentic to fusion to wellness to innovation at its best.”

“We are going to take our guests on an elegant culinary world tour that will be a novel experience for many. We are very excited and happy to bring this concept to Hyderabad,” Madhav said.

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