Cadbury releases three limited edition chocolate bars

Cadbury releases three limited-time chocolate bars as a part of a competition between a couple of contenders who were told to create personalised flavours using upto 3 ingredients and whip up something delicious as the best flavour is to be voted.

The three bars are a part of a competition that launched in the UK and Ireland last year.

Cadbury gave fans a chance to create their own Cadbury Dairy Milk bar, where entrants were able to add up to three ingredients, then name their bar and explain what inspired their creation.

The winning flavour will go on to join Cadbury’s range of iconic bars which includes Cadbury Golden Crisp, Cadbury Turkish Delight, Cadbury Whole Nut and Cadbury Caramello to name a few.

Cadbury announced their three finalists:

Simply the Zest by Neelam

Simply the Zest by Neelam

The Rasberry Shortcake by Melanie

Choca-latte by Callum


To vote for your favourite flavour go to

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