Burger Singh to launch New Menu with a wide array of Vegetarian And Non-Vegetarian Fusion Burgers

There is no dearth of fast-food chains serving delicious grub for those wanting to celebrate big and small moments or even observe an all-out cheat day. We all have days when we just want to ‘pig out’ on junk food and want to stuff our faces with burgers and pizzas all day. This is why restaurants in India’s metro cities are in a constant tug-of-war to attract customers with something new and exciting all the time. Burger Singh- a Delhi-based chain of ‘Indianised’ burgers has a fan base among those who believe in going big or going home. Their burgers have been a hit particularly with those who like large-sized burgers and the restaurant chain has something new in-store for its patrons.
The new menu at Burger Singh has introduced a range of exciting Indian-fusion burgers and beverages to the good old favourites. It has even come up with a new 377 Pack, which is a celebration of decriminalisation of homosexuality in India as well as to mark the pride month of 2019.

We sampled some of the items from the menu of Burger Singh and here’s what we thought:

1. Mac N Cheese Burger: This new vegetarian burger is a delight to bite into as it’s got a creamy and comforting patty and it will especially appeal to those who love the good old macaroni and cheese.

2. Chana Malabar Burger: This spicy burger will be a hit with those who love desi flavours. If you like a spicy challenge, you should go for this burger.

3. American Grilled Chicken Burger: A giant patty sits in the middle of a bed of sauces, onions and lettuce. This burger was perfectly delicious and was on the mild side.

4. Jattputt Chicken Burger: This tangy spicy burger is perfectly delicious and bombarded with flavoursome sauces.

5. Amritsari Murgh Makhani Burger: Those who love crispy patties would want to go for this one. The sauces bring in the creamy element.

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