Barista Adds Cold Brew To Its Repository

Barista, a leading coffee chain in India, has added three Cold Brew flavours i.e. Traditional Cold Brew, Fizzy Cold Brew and Vietnamese Coffee to its menu at select outlets in select cities of India: Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Pune and Kolkata. Traditional Cold Brew is the original cold brew; Fizzy Cold Brew is a tonic water- and lemon-based tingling drink, and Vietnamese Coffee is a blend of special cream and coffee.

Barista Adds Cold Brew To Its Repository

Barista Adds Cold Brew To Its Repository

Cold Brew is a process of steeping coffee in cold water for about 12-14 hours, which helps in providing a delicious, rich and smooth flavour profile and a great coffee experience. It gives a sweeter coffee extract, which is less acidic and less bitter than any other type of brewed coffee. The cold brewed extract of the coffee can be served chilled or hot, and can be customised as per the creativity of the chef.

The Cold Brew coffee is often termed as healthy coffee by coffee experts as it improves cholesterol, helps reduce weight, best for dieters, reduces the risk of heart burn and is sweeter without the need of a sweetener. The in-house brewing of the beans makes it a much standardised experience for coffee lovers.

On this addition of coffee menu, Puneet Gulati, chief executive officer, Barista, said, “Cold brews are the best thing to offer to Indian coffee lovers, we brew these coffees in our outlets in full view of our clients, so that the coffee lovers can see the cold drip apparatus.”

He also added, “The idea of introducing Cold Brew has been inspired from our commitment to innovate in our field and add something healthy for our patrons. Cold Brew is topping the chart these days as a new rage.”

The cold brew coffee needs separate apparatus; hence it will be available at select outlets in the aforementioned cities before it is rolled out in other major cities across India. The Cold Brew range will be priced Rs 199 onwards.

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