Bare Strawberry Banana Chips

PepsiCo-owned fruit and vegetable crisp maker Bare Snacks has added a new banana and strawberry fruit snack to its banana fruit chips product line.

Bare Strawberry Banana Chips are inspired by the classic banana and strawberry smoothie flavour, and are made with ripe bananas that are baked and dusted with crushed strawberries.

Bare Snacks says that the snacks are an easy and convenient way for consumers to eat fruit on-the-go, and the chips are made without added oil or sugar and are gluten-free, fat-free and a good source of fibre.

Bare Banana

Bare Banana

Santosh Padki, CEO at Bare Snacks said: “Strawberry banana is a classic flavour combination, and we wanted to make it snackable.

“What’s exciting about this new snack is we’re combining the naturally sweet taste of fresh bananas and strawberries in a satisfying form that has a unique crunch factor.

“Unlike other banana chips, our chips are baked, not fried, without any added oil. Plus, they’re made with just two ingredients – strawberries and bananas – that’s it!”

Bare Strawberry Banana Chipshave a suggested retail price of $4.29 per 2.7-oz bag and are now available at grocery store nationwide in the US including Kroger, Giant Food and Stop & Shop.

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