The Baked Protein Cookie is a Vegan?Friendly

Myprotein has announced the launch of a Diwali?special gift box, containing protein bars, cookies and brownies.

The box was launched on 10th October by fitness enthusiast Bani J.According to the company, the special edition box, which has been curated especially for Diwali festivities, contains new bars and snacks launched by Myprotein this month? Baked Protein Cookie, Protein Brownie and Protein Flapjack, as well as an accessory, a Mini?shaker.

The Baked Protein Cookie is a vegan?friendly, protein?packed treat with added dark chocolate chunks. Each cookie packs 13.5g of protein, enough to support your training as well as satisfy the sweet?tooth cravings this holiday season.

The Protein Brownie is another high?protein treat with 22.5 g protein mixed with the goodness of chocolate, making it an ideal on?the?go snack.

The Protein Flapjack packed with protein and carbohydrates is the perfect snack to satisfy your post?workout cravings. Finally, the Mini?shaker is durable and small which can be used to mix different kind of healthy shakes and can also be carried in one’s gym?bag or backpack at all times because of its convenient size.

Esha Singh, general manager, emerging markets, nutrition and beauty brands, said, “traditionally we gift sweets and chocolates that are high in calories. Keeping in line with our motto for the snacks range ‘Treat without Cheat’ we want to give an alternative to the traditional snacks with our protein bars, brownies and cookie which is not just rich in taste but also gives you that dose of protein.”

All three new products are high in protein and provide a healthy alternative to traditional sweets, so that one doesn’t have to miss out on having a sweet treat, the company said.

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