Ammonium phosphatide demand soars as emulsifiers enter confectionery industry

Global demand for ammonium phosphatide market was valued at $38.5 million in the previous year of 2018, and is expected to envisage 5.3 per cent every year over 2018 to surpass $40.5 million by the end of 2019, according to a market intelligence study.

It assessed the growth of the market, laying bare the key factors influencing it, and found that increasing demand for ammonium phosphatides in the chocolate and confectionery will continue to drive gains in 2019 and beyond. Confectioners and chocolate manufacturers are investing in sustainable emulsifiers, and these evolutions have rubbed off on ammonium phosphatide providers as well.

“Ammonium phosphatide is gaining popularity as a vegetable-based emulsifier and stabiliser among food manufacturers, especially across the bakery and confectionery sectors. The food industry is opening doors for ammonium phosphatide as a food additive with its no-allergen, no-flavour, and non-GMO (genetically-modified organism) status,” the study said.

“The ammonium phosphatide market is expected to witness incremental growth as most food manufacturers are adopting ammonium phosphatide as a sustainable alternative to lecithin – a soy-based emulsifier,” it added.

Confectionery industry accounts for over 60% revenue share of ammonium phosphatide market
The study found that sales in the confectionery industry accounted for over 60 per cent revenue share. It projected that a majority of confectionery manufacturers were replacing lecithin with ammonium phosphatide, owing to cost-efficiency factors.

It found that another important reason why confectioners are choosing ammonium phosphatide as an emulsifier over lecithin is the increasing consumer preference for low-calorie and low-fat food products.

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