Flexible packaging for Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis gummies are now being planned to be packaged, like the rest of the industry, in flexible packaging.

Packaged marijuana edibles

Packaged marijuana edibles

One company that’s started using pouches for gummies is Cann America, whose three- and 10-piece packages are sold in Colorado and Nevada pharmacies. The company also will enter the medical marketplace in Colorado with its redesigned packaging, each gummy containing 25 mg of THC, the active component of cannabis for which is its sold.

“The Mylar pouches with child-resistant zippers replace bottles and have more room for branding. The packaging reduces the company’s carbon footprint and increases the product’s presence in stores without taking up more space, which is important for dispensaries that have limited shelf availability,” CEO Dan Anglin says.

“We’ve gone to great lengths to provide consumers with a package that not only keeps the product fresh but is also a smaller footprint for storage with portability by design,” he says.

After extensive research on flavor preferences, the company added two new ones: orange sherbet and freedom pop, a combination of cherry, lemonade and blue raspberry.

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