Tel-Aviv startup comes up with cannabis pizza

Cleverly named cannabis pizz startup ‘Cannible’ has raised $1 million from more than 1000 people who are backing them up through a crowdfunding.

A marijuana leaf

A marijuana leaf

The new startup is actually hoping to along with other ingredients that make a pizza, make the “high munchies” a real thing, by adding marijuana on top. So now one can enjoy both the “high” and the pizza all at once.

They’re working on cannabis infused toppings, beverages and all that they plan to serve, including, sweeteners, cakes, desserts, coffee, popcorn.

“We want to make it accessible,” said Ziv Turner, one of the company’s co-founders. “We look at the food products only as the delivery system.” Cannibble’s products – ranging from donuts to spices – will be infused with Cannabidiol (CBD) and delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). They also have plans to launch a menu for atheletes.

The Israeli startup said that they had raised a large amount of money just from backers to help launch this idea and its interesting to see how many people are ready to back the cause.

The recreational use of cannabis is legal in about a third of U.S. states – including California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington. Canada passed a law legalising it last year. In total, the edible cannabis market is estimated to be around half a billion dollars a year. Cannibble plans on opening a factory in Miami soon to fulfill orders for customers in North America.

Israel, in particular has been seeing a surge in the interest of cannabis. The Mediterranean country already allows for the use of medical cannabis and recently decriminalised recreational use as well. Hundreds of farms have cropped up to help fill the demand locally, as well as for export. Israel is the third country in the world, after the Netherlands and Canada, to allow the export of medical cannabis products.

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