Another pizza startup takes the plunge, jumps on the plant based bandwagon

In a new partnership, Impossible has partnered with Little Caesars for a New Plant-Based ‘Sausage Pie’. It really seems that Little Caesars is the first cornerstone pizzeria to take the plunge into a plant based bandwagon.

Little Caesars Pizza comes up with plant based pizza

Little Caesars Pizza comes up with plant based pizza

The pizza place is now testing a new pizza topped with sausage and made with Impossible foods’ plant based protein. They have named it the Impossible Supreme Pizza which essentially consists of mushrooms, caramelised onions, peppers and lots and lots of sausage.

Impossible curated a brand new sausage product especially for Little Caesar’s, making it the first time the startup has sold anything beyond its signature “beef,” be it served in a burger or a taco bowl.

The new launch has cheese on it so it’s not vegan. But like most plant-based meat products, it’s not a vegan audience. “The Impossible Supreme pizza is designed to appeal to meat eaters,” Ed Gleich, Little Caesars Chief Innovation Officer said.

Impossible foods, like Beyond meat is already doing very well, they’re already on the menu at many places including White Castle and Qdoba, and are preparing to roll out the successful Impossible whopper in all of Burger King.

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