Overhead Stacking Doors

Insulated sectional overhead doors are manufactured to suit individual openings for all types of commercial and industrial buildings where the need for energy conservation is desired. Most commonly used for warehouses, commercial buildings, industries, logistical applications, etc.

What is an overhead door?

Overhead doors are made of several jointed panels that roll up on tracks above the access or across the ceiling. These doors come with different rail systems depending on the building and the space available. The tracks can either go straight up above the doorway, with a bend towards the ceiling or they can follow the roof pitch. The overhead door is primarily used as a service door but also very popular as garage door.

Sectional door

The overhead door currently is the bestselling door on the market. It is known by different names such as sectional door, section door or garage door.

History of the overhead door

In the late 70s and early 80s of the last century overhead doors were introduced as an alternative to non-insulated rolling shutters. Because they consist of insulated sandwich panels overhead doors have excellent insulating qualities. Another advantage was the ability to fill the doorframe with glass panels and the installation of a wicket door. Furthermore, overhead doors are very stable and suitable for relatively large door sizes.

The Compact door as an alternative service door

The Compact door can be regarded as an overhead door, because the door panels are stored ‘overhead’ when the door is open. From the outside it even looks like another overhead door, but all the difference is made on the inside. The main advantage is that the Compact door is a folding door. This means that it saves a lot of space.

Due to the universal rail system a Compact door always fits and doesn’t require complex structures. Architects have a lot more freedom in design this way and the saved space can be used for other important things. The Compact door doesn’t have maintenance prone counterbalance springs. Moreover, the engine is installed on the self-supporting system of the door so it does not require structural adjustments.


Advantages of the Compact door

Depending on the situation there are many advantages in the use of a Compact door to the sectional door. In buildings where crane tracks are used, for example. Compact doors do not block the daylight coming through skylights or windows above the doorway. The extra space above the doorway can be used as storage space. Or for the extra height that is needed for a car lifting platform right behind the door. Or a sprinkler system, a heater over the door or piping and tubes. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Rather than rolling or sliding like conventional doors, the Overhead Stacking Door stacks at the top of the opening. This gives a huge benefit in terms of headroom requirements over a traditional sectional door and still provides excellent levels of insulation. The door also provides good security due to an automatic anti-lift locking system. It is a quiet and low maintenance door, requiring minimal structural support.

Overhead Stacking Door offer superior resistance to all weather conditions; along with offering security and excellent insulation. These qualities, combined with simple and efficient operation makes them a popular choice for external doorways on temperature-controlled buildings.

An overhead door having a plurality of unconnected panels. Each panel has a top and bottom edge interlocking retention geometry and end caps. The end caps engage dual track guide assemblies to completely separate the panels as the door is raised.

Sectional doors have the advantage of having no areas of cold bridging to satisfy Building Regulations for new buildings. Also available are insulated vision windows or architectural glazed and aluminum panels which are a popular choice for vehicle workshops, allowing plenty of daylight into the working area.

The doors have motorized operation with a variety of control methods. The doors can also be fitted with integral personnel doors to facilitate pedestrian traffic with minimal energy loss.


  • Minimal headroom required
  • Good air-tightness
  • Excellent insulation performance
  • Secure & reliable external doors
  • Available as European tested and classified overhead stacking door.
  • Ideal door solution for installation situations with restricted room.
  • Special safety construction.

Sectional Overhead Doors manufactured by Gandhi Automation’s are perfect for all logistical and industrial warehouse requirements. These doors help in maintaining controlled atmosphere inside warehouse.

Our Sectional Door design is best for clients who need robust, well-insulated and space-saving doors with security and offer astonishing benefits. Sectional Overhead Door side runners transfer vertically along the wall and parallel to the ceiling, guaranteeing best use of the available inner space. Its heat insulation and soundproofing confirmed by insulated panels, can maintain internal environment conditions and energy consumption. Quality materials, exact processing and constant quality checks promise flawless safety, dependability and long service life. All our doors obey with safety obligation of international standards.

Doors are electrically and manually operated and Gandhi Automations assists the customers from the design aspects to the installation of these doors and provide round the clock maintenance

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