Wine Water

Wine Water will release its O.Vine wine grape-infused waters in 700ml bottles to capitalise on demands for alcohol-free beverages.The red and white wine-infused O.Vine sparkling waters were launched in 2018 and have been available in personal 340ml bottles to be enjoyed at home or at private functions.Featuring a blend of spring water and red or white grape skins and seeds derived from wine grape waste, the drinks are free from alcohol, preservatives and artificial flavours.According to Israel-based Wine Water, the beverages “deliver antioxidant benefits naturally present in wine grapes”.“O.Vine has been acutely attuned to an evolving UK consumer who is increasingly more health aware and sophisticated, thus choosing to reduce alcohol intake, yet not wanting to give up the social benefits of mingling at a favourite night spot,” said Anat Levi, CEO and founder of Wine Water.“Britons are opening up to new concepts in crafted beverages that enable them to derive the same experience of enjoying a glass of alcohol or a luxury-grade cooler, but without the risk of hangover. O.Vine precisely fits this niche market.”

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