Miyoko’s Creamery has Released Vegan Mozzarella

Dairy alternative brand Miyoko’s Creamery has released vegan mozzarella-style cheeses for the foodservice industry.The Cultured Vegan Pizza Mozz is said to taste and perform like dairy mozzarella and can be used for pizzas, lasagnas, cheese steak sandwiches and Italian-style dishes – anything that would require a melted mozzarella.Two versions of the cheese are available: an organic variant made with a cashew milk base and an allergen-free version made with an oat milk and legume base.Both have a liquid form and when heated they “take on the traditional stretchiness of classic melted mozzarella”, Miyoko’s said.

“This new mozzarella, like our new cheddar and pepper jack, is a true game-changer. Based on the reception it has received in taste tests, we know our Cultured Vegan Pizza Mozz will appeal to omnivores as much as it will to vegans and vegetarians,” said Miyoko Schinner, CEO and founder of Miyoko’s Creamery.“When products made 100% from plants taste and perform like their cow dairy counterparts, it makes it easy for people to switch, and in turn, eat healthier while being more compassionate to animals and our planet.”This innovation was created by Miyoko’s research and development team at the company’s headquarters in Petaluma, California.  “Leveraging our deep experience with our vegan epicurean cheese wheels and butters, we are able to take a number of traditional cheesemaking techniques and some novel and proprietary food science insights to achieve cow dairy taste and performance using legumes and oats,” said Dan Rauch, vice president of research and development at Miyoko’s Creamery.

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