FSSAI has Notified The Standards for Goat Milk

FSSAI has notified the standards for goat milk along with composition of chhana or paneer in the official gazette. These regulations were called the Food Safety and Standards (Food Products Standards and Food Additives) Fifth Amendment Regulations, 2019.The country’s apex food regulator has prescribed three per cent minimum milk fat and eight per cent minimum milk solids – not-fat (SNF) under the regulations under in Section 2.1, Sub-regulation 2.1.2, related to standards for milk and composition table, related to Goat or Sheep Milk.

Further, the amendment prescribed that total sodium content in the milk shall not be more than 650mg/100g SNF.
It added that total sodium content in the milk powder shall not be more than 650 mg/ 100g SNF. However, the maximum level does not apply to sodium that could be present due to the use of sodium containing additives in milk powders.The amended standards also prescribed that the fat content for chhana and paneer should be minimum at 50 per cent, while for medium fat chhana or paneer, the fat content should be 20-50 per cent, and for low fat chhana or paneer, the fat should not be more than 20 per cent.
FSSAI has also laid down the labelling norms under the amended regulations. According to the notification, the FBOs (food business operators) can choose the names Chhana, Paneer, Low-fat Chhana or Low-fat Paneer, Medium-fat Chhana or Medium-fat Paneer, depending upon the composition as per the amended regulations.

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