Genius Brewing Has Introduced New Cans That Feature Food-Standard Nutrition Facts

UK-based craft beer maker Genius Brewing has introduced new cans that feature food-standard nutrition facts and Vegan Society accreditation.

The 330ml cans of Gen!us Craft Lager display a full nutrition box detailing calories, saturated fats, carbohydrates, sugars, protein and salt.

The 3% ABV beer, which was launched a year ago, has one unit of alcohol and 79 calories per can.

Jason Clarke, co-founder and creative director of Genius Brewing, said: “The craft beer revolution has raised people’s expectations of quality. However, they tend to have high ABVs and a heap of calories. Today’s drinkers still want a great beer but without all the booze and the belly.

“It’s shocking that there’s no legal requirement in the UK to put calorie information on alcohol. Gen!us is all about transparency and smart drinking, so providing a full nutritional breakdown allows Genius drinkers to make an informed, smart choice.”

Genius Brewing was launched in 2018 with a mission “to make responsible drinking a pleasure” after Scottish founders Charlie Craig and Jason Clarke spotted a gap in the market for a craft-quality lager with less alcohol and fewer calories.

Citing figures from Kantar, Genius said sales of no- and low-alcohol beers in the UK were up 49.4% in the 12 months to July 2019.

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