Roll Mania is Expanding the Business

When Puneet Kansal came to Pune in 2009, he was just trying to run away from home and start a business which at the time did not have his family’s approval.

What started-off as a “thela” in 2009 in Magarpatta township of Pune is now a 110-strong franchise having outlets in all major cities of India.

Rolls Mania, took off in 2014, after its humble beginnings in 2009-10.

“In the first three years, we just added one store a year…In 2018, we added 48 across the country,” says Kansal.

In 2010, he was joined by two of his early customers — brothers and restaurateurs Sukhpreet and Gagan Sial — who have combined forces with Kansal to realise the common goal of making the brand big.

Today, Rolls Mania is over an Rs 50 crore enterprise with over 800 employees and a very small attrition rate in an industry that has sticking time of a few months. As of May 2019, about 13,000 rolls were sold everyday – 70-80% of them home delivered. The company caters to about 2.5 lakh orders every month.

“The brand’s success has been concentrating on a few things and getting them right. We have been advised to try different things but we decided to stick to the knittings. Rolls, it was from the very beginning. Even when we introduce new products, it based on data and analytics,” according to Gagan Sial, director, Rolls Mania.

Having grown in India, the Pune-based quick service restaurant is now keen to chart international waters this year.

“We are prospecting opportunities in the middle-east through our existing franchise partners who have connections there…We should get there soon,” says Sukhpreet Singh Sial, another director, Rolls Mania.

For the Sial’s, the draw to join Kansal was the aim to make it big. They say that the traditional restaurant business did not offer them that latitude and “they were destined to join forces.” Discussions, they say, initially started over sharing the rolls at Kansal-managed sole outlet.

Over the last couple of years, the focus has shifted to processes and orientation.

Rolls Mania is now investing heavily in technology to ensure that the quality is centrally monitored. It also gives 45-60 day training to all new staff to get the roll-making knack right and in tune with company’s standards.

“It is all about processes. We have our secret ingredient and the standard operating processes are all set. Training is for our staff to understand the processes correctly,” says Kansal.

Given the growth trajectory that lies ahead, the three say, that they don’t believe in laying-off people.

“Our staff are a part of the family. Many of the people continue to work with us for years on end and also expand the franchise. As we grow, they shall too and there are plenty more stores that will be opened in the near future, which will give them opportunities to grow within the organisation,” says Gagan Sial.

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