Strategic Collaboration with Biotech Company

Nestlé Health Sciences (NHSc) has entered into a strategic collaboration with biotech company Caelus Health, in a move to further develop microbiome-based food supplements.

The companies signed an exclusive global development and option agreement, which provides Caelus with funding to purse the development of its microbiome-based food supplements for the early intervention and nutritional management of diabetes and certain liver disorders.

Based in Amsterdam, Caelus develops and commercialises functional food and pharmaceutical products for the prevention, early treatment and management of cardio-metabolic diseases.

Caelus’ most advanced product is based on Eubacterium hallii (E. hallii) and will be further tested in a clinical study in obese subjects at risk of Type 2 diabetes.

In line with terms of the agreement, NHSc can obtain exclusive global commercial rights related to E. hallii. The strategic partnership will also provide NHSc with access in the future to pipeline products of Caelus Health, as a basis for its nutritional products.

CEO of Caelus Luc Sterkman said: “We are thrilled to announce this agreement which allows Caelus to advance its lead products in further development on a fast track to the global launch of food supplements targeting cardio metabolic disorders.”

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