CCD Taught a Tea-Drinking Country How to Have Coffee

Sagar Daryani says he believes in the truism of failure being a stepping stone to success. Just putting in your best efforts makes it a success, he says.

“You may have failed or seen failures, but that doesn’t mean you’re not a success yourself. Success is about giving your best,” he says. Not just stories with a happy ending, but also the journeys the founders go through teach him something, he says.

“That’s why VG Siddhartha [Café Coffee Day founder] will always be an inspiration for me. He taught a tea-drinking country how to have coffee. I think even my start-up idea came in a coffee shop, so I owe it to him,” he says. Daryani also looks up to other role models in the fields of tech and retail. “If it’s retail, I look up to Kishore Biyani. If it’s technology, I would love to listen to someone like a Jack Ma or Elon Musk talk,” Daryani says.

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