Course is Developed in Partnership With Notable Whisky Experts and Specialists

All Things Nice has launched the Edinburgh Whisky Academy (EWA) in India. Nikhil Agarwal, its sommelier and chief executive officer, will be conducting courses as a part of the Indian arm of EWA, whose certification programme is globally-recognised.

One day courses will be conducted across major metros in the country, and aims to train industry specialists, corporates, whisky enthusiasts and more. The course is designed to impart valuable knowledge, and is designed for those seeking an in-depth understanding of whisky, including its history, production process, maturation and sensory aspects.

Occupying a unique position, the Academy is Scotland’s only centre of whisky education approved by the Scottish Qualifications Authority, as a part of its commitment to raising the standard of whisky education globally.

Each course is developed in partnership with notable whisky experts and specialists as well as academics, offering a curriculum and content, which is highly rigorous and strictly brand-neutral.

In order to launch the academy in India, Agarwal has acquired the esteemed EWA diploma in single malt scotch whisky in Scotland itself in order to be certified to run the courses in India.

In India, All Things Nice will launch The Fundamentals of Scotch Whisky by the EWA. Students will receive a certificate on successful completion of the course, which has been created by the award-winning team of experts at the EWA.

With contributors providing course material according to their individual specialisations, candidates are guaranteed rigorous and relevant content of the highest possible standard. The course will cover the following modules: historical development and the business of Scotch whisky; raw materials; production process; batch distillation; maturation; bottling, grain distillation and blending.

The one-day course will come at Rs 30,000 (all-inclusive), and will include refreshments throughout, lunch, as well as whiskies for the art of tasting module.

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