Vodka Bottle Made From Pieces of Broken, Recycled Glass

Ardagh Group has designed a limited-edition Absolut Vodka bottle made from pieces of broken, recycled glass.

Pernod Ricard-owned The Absolut Company briefed Ardagh’s design team to create a design to promote and visualise the benefits of recycling.

Ardagh’s designers used reverse engineering to produce the ‘Absolut Comeback’ design.

Product designer John Oczabruk explains: “Because this is a completely original bottle design, we first needed to create a sculpture by attaching pieces of recycled Absolut bottle glass to a 3D print of an Absolut bottle, to maintain the bottle’s iconic look and shape.


The process required a pan-European approach: UK, Swedish and German design teams were all involved, using 3D prints, digital scanning and virtual sculpting techniques to create the final 3D shape.

In July, Ardagh has signed a ten-year agreement with The Absolut Company for the continued production of the unit’s glass bottles.

Both Ardagh and Absolut said the deal will ensure that carbon emissions are further reduced in the production of Absolut vodka bottles.

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