Projected As The Food Basket of India in the Magnificent MP

Madhya Pradesh is providing one and half times more incentive to food processing units, compared to other sector in the state. Chief minister Kamal Nath says, large-scale employment will be generated in this sector.
Kamal Nath government will showcase the state’s prowess in the food processing sector in the Magnificent Madhya Pradesh Investors’ Summit.The chief minister will discuss various opportunities which the state offers in the food processing sector and how the same can be tapped to really make “tangible difference ““in the farm income, government sources said highlighting the importance of the sector during the day long summit.Investment from many big companies is expected during the summit, sources said.
Projected as the food basket of India in the Magnificent MP, the state is among the largest producers of soybean, gram, garlic, pulses, wheat, maize and onions. MP’s durum variety of wheat is considered as the best for the production of pasta, noodles and other has been in great demand, sources point out.
Additionally, , state accounts for approximately 40% of all organic food cultivated in the country, sources said.
The state is already a silent exporter of agro-commodities like soya, , rice and pulses, they added.
“The agrarian strengths of the state make it an ideal place for the development and expansion of export- oriented agro-based industries”, said Rajesh Rajora principal secretary Industry who had held for long the charge of agriculture department also.

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