Nestle to Contest 20lakh Fine Imposed on Maggi

In a new development Nestlé India decided to appeal against an order – in Madhya Pradesh’s Morena district,that was issued by the adjudicating officer over there, and imposed a fine of Rs 20 lakh in a case registered against the company in 2015. This case had been registered for the presence of lead and MSG in the Maggi noodles beyond limits that were permissible.

The case was registered with the food safety department on account of alleged presence of monosodium glutamate (MSG) in Maggi noodles though its pack said, ‘no added MSG.’

In this regard, a spokesperson for Nestlé stated, “Maggi noodles are 100% safe for consumption and Nestlé India does not add MSG as an ingredient at any stage of the manufacturing process.”

He added, “We regret any confusion that this decision of first level adjudicating officer has caused amongst our consumers and we want to reassure them we do not add MSG as an ingredient at any stage of the manufacturing process.”

The spokesperson explained, “This case is several years old and refers to a claim of ‘No added MSG’ that we voluntarily removed from packs of Maggi noodles four years ago to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding among consumers about the products. We will be appealing against the decision to issue a fine on the grounds that legal precedence has not been followed. We would like to assure that Maggi noodles is and always has been safe for consumption.”

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