Cornitos all amped to make Nuts your favourite munchies this season

Go nutty and healthy with an exciting range of nuts and seeds from Cornitos, the flagship brand of Greendot Health Foods Pvt Ltd, India’s leading Nacho Crisps brand, brings healthy and flavored nuts and seeds under its “POP N CRUNCH” range. The range includes: Premium Cashews, California Almonds, Roasted Salted Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower seeds, Party Nut Mix, Premium Salted Peanuts and Coated Green Peas.

Premium Nuts and Seeds are handpicked and processed using latest technology using imported roasting lines that gives them uniform roast and a crunchy bite. They are all set to be your go to munchies at every party. They are packed in re-sealable nitrogen filled pouches that retains their goodness and gives them good shelf life.

Vikram Agarwal, Managing director, Greendot Health Foods Pvt Ltd, said, “Snacking in India is not new. The much old Indian dry fruits and nuts industry which has been gaining demand ever since is still on the rise. Cornitos “POP N CRUNCH” range provides day-long energy essential for active lifestyle and good health.”

Cornitos Nuts and Seeds are cholesterol free and have zero trans fat Additional health benefits of high protein, fiber and Vitamin E make it suitable for most age-groups. Nuts and Seeds work well on appetizer table or as a great starter to grilled steaks and as an accompaniment with wine.

Availability: It is available in all retail outlets across India.

Price: Roasted Cashews – Lightly Salted & Pepper and Herbs 30 g – Rs50, 200 g – Rs375
Roasted California Almonds – Lightly Salted & Smoky Barbeque – 30 g – Rs50, 200 g – Rs375
Roasted Pumpkin Seeds – Salted               30 g – Rs40, 200 g – Rs240
Sunflower Seeds – Natural 200 g                – Rs125
Party Nut Mix – 28 g – Rs20, 200 g – Rs135
Premium  Peanut – Salted 150 g – Rs100
Coated Green Peas – Hot & Spicy and Wasabi 28 g – Rs20, 150 g – Rs1

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